South Carolina Amendment 2 – Secret Union Voting

Due to expected imminent changes in Secret Union Voting legislation, South Carolina Labor Law posters are on edit hold. However, you can pre-order your labor law posters (please see details below)

In 2010, voters in South Carolina overwhelmingly approved Amendment 2 (2010), the Secret Union Voting Amendment:

Measure Text
Must Article II of the Constitution of this State, relating to the right of suffrage, be amended by adding Section 12 so as to provide that the fundamental right of an individual to vote by secret ballot is guaranteed for a designation, or an authorization for employee representation by a labor organization?

A ‘Yes’ vote will give employees the constitutional right to vote by secret ballot when they are voting on whether to be represented by a labor union.

However, there were some who thought that the measure was in conflict with federal law. Soon afterwards, officials of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) initiated actions to challenge the legality of the approved measure.

Faced with the prospect of potentially costly and long drawn-out court battles, the Attorney General of South Carolina (along with the attorney generals of Arizona, South Dakota and Utah, states that had passed similar measures) entered into negotiations with the NLRB.

The negotiations subsequently broke down, reportedly, because the attorney generals declined to sign confidentiality aggreements.

However, South Carolina has recently indicated that a settlement was likely and imminent. Because of the expected changes, we have placed the shipment of our South Carolina’s Labor Law posters on edit hold.

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