MIOSHA – Safety and Health Poster Update

The State of Michigan

The State of Michigan, shown in pink in the map above

MIOSHA (the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Job Poster was recently revised to reflect changes in the law for reporting work related injuries.

MIOSHA now requires all Michigan employers to comply with the injury recording and reporting requirements initiated by OSHA in January 2015.

While MIOSHA had adopted the new rules mandated by OSHA in January 2015, enforcement began in September.  New wordings for the Safety and Health Poster were finalized recently.

We have updated the Michigan State and Combined Labor Law Posters to reflect the new wordings.

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MIOSHA’s Safety and Health Protection on the Job poster Revisions

Here is a summary of the new MIOSHA’s injury and reporting rules:

  • File a detailed report within eight hours of fatal workplace accidents
  • Severe on-the-job injuries that do not result in death but require hospitalization must be reported within 24 hours

Previously regulations required reports to be filed only if a worker was killed or three or more workers were hospitalized as a result of a workplace accident.

The current regulations require all employers to file such reports regardless of the size of their business and number of injuries. The new 24-hour reporting requirement includes all work-related hospitalizations, amputations or loss of an eye.

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