Kansas Labor Law Poster 2013 Update – SB 187

Kansas labor law poster

Order the latest 2013 Kansas Labor Law Poster updated to comply with changes mandated by SB 187

Following changes mandated by the Kansas State Senate Bill No. 187, employers in Kansas will need to update their labor law posters to remain current with the latest posting requirements.

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Kansas Senate Bill 187 – Important Changes

In April 2013, Kansas Governor Brownback signed into law Senate Bill No. 187 (SB 187). SB 187 modifies a number of provisions of the Kansas Workers Compensation Act.

The bill replaces the Workers Compensation Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Nominating and Review Committee and the Workers Compensation Board Nominating Committee with a new committee named the Workers Compensation and Employment Security Boards Nominating Committee.

The committee will be responsible for nominating candidates to fill positions in the

  • Workers Compensation Division
  • Workers Compensation Review Board
  • Employment Security (Unemployment Insurance) Board of Reviews

SB 187 reduces the duration of the claim period for employees to file for Workers Compensation.  This change affects the Workers compensation portions of Kansas labor law posting requirements.

Reduced Compensation Claim Periods affect Kansas Labor Law Poster

SB 187 decreases the time available for injured employees to notify employers of an accidents or injuries to qualify for workers compensation:

  • For repetitive trauma injury, the time period for reporting an injury was reduced from 30 days to 20 days from the date of accident.
  • If the employee no longer works for the employer against whom workers compensation is filed, the time for filing a qualifying claim has been reduced from 20 days to 10 days after the employees last day of work.

Workers Compensation and Employment Security Boards Nominating Committee

The new nominating committee will have seven members. The Governor will appoint three members to two year terms and four members to four year terms. Subsequent members will be appointed for four year terms and no member will serve for more than two consecutive terms.

The following state entities will nominate members for the Governor to consider for appointment to the new committee.

  • Secretary of Labor
  • Kansas Chamber of Commerce
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • Kansas AFL-CIO
  • Kansas State Council of the Society for Human Resource Management
  • Kansas Self-Insurers Association
  • A nominee by the Secretary of Labor either from an employee organization, as defined by KSA 75-4322, or a professional employees’ organization as defined by KSA 72-5413.

SB 187 – Quick Summary of Other Miscellaneous Changes

Other changes initiated by SB 187 include

  • Salaries, vacancies and re-appointments of Workers Compensation Administrative Law Judges
  • Work experiences and qualifications for members of the Workers Compensation Appeals Board
  • Nominating procedures for the Employment Security (Unemployment Insurance) Board of Reviews
  • Appeals process for ALJ recusal
  • Evaluation of Physical impairment
  • Transfer of responsibility for the State Workers Compensation Self-insurance Program from the Secretary of the Department of Administration to the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

Visit the Bills and Resolutions page for SB 187 for further details. Click here for instant savings when you order updated 2013 Labor Law Posters for Kansas.