Unemployment Compensation – PA Labor Law Poster Update 2013

Changes announced by the Department of Labor & Industry, Pennsylvania, require employers to update their PA labor law posters. The Office of Unemployment Compensation has issued a new form that requires “Employer Account Number” to be displayed in the employer’s … Continue reading

New Hampshire Labor Law – Employee or Independent Contractor

The New Hampshire legislature has made changes to labor laws related to “Criteria to Establish an Employee or Independent Contractor“. Effective 08/06/2012, the new legislation reduces the number of criteria for determining whether people hired to provide services are “employees” … Continue reading

South Carolina Amendment 2 – Secret Union Voting

Due to expected imminent changes in Secret Union Voting legislation, South Carolina Labor Law posters are on edit hold. However, you can pre-order your labor law posters (please see details below) In 2010, voters in South Carolina overwhelmingly approved Amendment … Continue reading

Child Labor Law – Texas Labor Law Poster 2012

Texas state has made changes to its Child Labor Law. Texas’s Child Labor Laws exist to protect children from being employed in occupations, or in a manner, that can be detrimental to a child’s safety, well-being and health. The work … Continue reading

Hawaii Provides Additional Protection for Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence in 2012

Effective January 1, 2012, Hawaii has strengthened its employment discrimination laws to include provisions prohibiting employers from discriminating against employees who are victims of domestic or sexual violence. In additional to providing leave of absense from work, the law requires … Continue reading