OSHA Scaffold Safety Tips

Scaffolding is the single most frequently OSHA-cited construction safety standard. No employee should use or assemble a scaffold without a complete understanding of how to do so safely. Thousands of builders are injured every year as a result of scaffold failures.

OSHA’s Safety and Health Topics Page for Scaffolding is a resource that employers and employees can use to understand the OSHA regulations applicable to scaffolding. OSHA recommends that employees:

  • Before using a scaffold, test its durability using at least four times the amount of weight it is intended to support.
  • Equip all open sides of a scaffold with protective guardrails.
  • Keep scaffolds at least 10 feet away from electric power lines.
  • Inspect the rigging on suspension scaffolds frequently-OSHA requirements call for an inspection at least once per work shift.

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