Unemployment Compensation – PA Labor Law Poster Update 2013

Changes announced by the Department of Labor & Industry, Pennsylvania, require employers to update their PA labor law posters. The Office of Unemployment Compensation has issued a new form that requires “Employer Account Number” to be displayed in the employer’s … Continue reading

New Hampshire Labor Law – Employee or Independent Contractor

The New Hampshire legislature has made changes to labor laws related to “Criteria to Establish an Employee or Independent Contractor“. Effective 08/06/2012, the new legislation reduces the number of criteria for determining whether people hired to provide services are “employees” … Continue reading

South Carolina Amendment 2 – Secret Union Voting

Due to expected imminent changes in Secret Union Voting legislation, South Carolina Labor Law posters are on edit hold. However, you can pre-order your labor law posters (please see details below) In 2010, voters in South Carolina overwhelmingly approved Amendment … Continue reading