Regulatory Compliance Kits

Regulatory Compliance Kits provide material necessary to comply with important OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations.

Each Regulatory Compliance Kit addresses a single regulatory topic, such as Right-To-Know (chemical hazards), Lock-Out/Tag-Out or Bloodborne Pathogens.

Due to varying compliance requirements components of some of the kits vary, but in general regulatory compliance kits come with

  • a compliance manual,
  • a video/DVD training program,
  • 5 posters, and
  • 30 employee booklets.

The video program in the kit, available in DVD or VHS, includes

  • a comprehensive Leader’s Guide,
  • reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form,
  • Employee Quiz,
  • Training Certificate, and
  • Training Log.

Typically, regulatory compliance manuals contain sections on

  • The history and background of the regulation.
  • The standard itself (including a copy).
  • Major compliance requirements.
  • A fill-in-the blank written compliance program.
  • Forms and procedures.
  • A glossary.

Employee booklets

  • Correspond to the topics covered in the video/DVD.
  • Use both text and illustrations.
  • Examine frequently-encountered problem areas.
  • Contain a self-administering quiz.


  • Promote the theme established in the video/DVD and booklets.
  • Presented in the same illustrative style used in the booklets.

Regulatory compliance kits provide a multi-pronged approach to drive home key regulatory points and allow the instructor flexibility in desiging their training sessions.

In a typical training session, employees are shown the video/DVD, and then given booklets, which reinforce the information in the video. The posters act as reminders once they leave the class room.

Each of these components may also be purchased separately. Many of the Regularory Compliance Kits are also available in Spanish.

Regulatory Compliance Kits