Product Update – Bucket Truck Safety Training Kit

The VHS video of the Bucket Truck Safety Training Kit has been replaced with
a DVD version. The DVD version of the training kit provides an enhanced menu
driven interface and includes additional material including interviews and
real-life stories of accidents involving bucket trucks and how to avoid them.

Here is a quick pre-view of the DVD’s menu:

  • Play Program – Plays entire main program
  • Chapter Selections – Quick access to specific subtopics
    • Introduction
    • Bucket Truck Overview
    • Operator Training
    • PPE
    • Inspection and Maintenance
    • Keep Equipment Clean
    • Driving and Setting Up at Work Sites
    • Working in a Bucket
    • In Case of Emergency
    • Conclusion
  • Review – Key points of the program
  • Commentary – Interviews by industry professionals
  • Quiz – 10 interactive questions

For a detailed description of the new menu system and contents of the
training kit please visit the bucket truck safety product page.