OSHA Forklift Safety Training Series

We have added 4 new forklift safety & training programs to our line of industrial powered truck training series. These programs help satisfy OSHA’s training requirements, including refresher and remedial training, for forklift operators.

Forklift Operator Safety Training Kit
This all-in-one program makes it easy to train your forklift operators and meet OSHA’s “formal instruction” training requirements (29 CFR Section 1910.178 (l)). The program also helps satisfy OSHA’s requirements for providing refresher or remedial training.

Forklift Operator Safety – Interactive CD-ROM Training
Use this interactive CD-ROM based program to stream line your training for forklift operator. The program can also be used to provide refresher and remedial training.

Forklift Hazard Perception Challenge Training Program
Designed for new and veteran employees, the program’s 50-minute video features a unique “watch and react” approach that gets employees involved and teaches forklift hazard perception through a series of fast-paced visual scenarios.

Forklift Safety For Construction
The program demonstrates safe forklift procedures and reviews the unique hazards construction crews commonly face, such as high wind, rough terrain, overhead power lines, and changing surface conditions.