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The Safety Game Demo - Download

The Safety Game can make learning fun. Employees divided into teams compete for the highest "safety score". The trainer, acting as the game show host, controls the game board via a computer. The computer image is either projected or displayed on a large monitor.

Each game consists of a 20 to 25 questions divided into information categories from the game’s safety or regulatory compliance topic. You can customize the questions to conform to your company's specific safety practices.

For the ultimate safety training session, show the video then play the game and give your employees booklets on the topic to take away with them at the end of the class.

List of Safety Game Products.
Games can be purchased alone or with Video Programs and Kits on the same subject.

Download Safety Game Demo
(safety-game-demo.exe, ~4 MB, Microsoft executable)
After downloading, double click the file to install it. Game instructions are included with the program. Includes uninstaller.
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Package (all 3 Safety Meeting Kits) DVD/VHS - English & Spanish
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