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About Preventing Workplace Violence

One out of six violent crimes occurs in the workplace. And while sensational workplace homicides grab the headlines (homicide is now the second leading cause of death on the job and the number one killer of women in the workplace), other forms of Workplace Violence happen much more frequently.

Less dramatic incidents of aggressive behavior, physical conflict and sexual harassment in the workplace are far more common.

The statistics regarding Workplace Violence can be frightening.

For instance, assaults account for nearly three out of four reported incidents of Workplace Violence. But employees are not powerless against this type of crime, and can take precautions to protect both themselves and their coworkers.

By recognizing and acting on the warning signs of violence, and knowing how to avoid or defuse potentially dangerous situations, the risk for physical confrontations on the job can be minimized.

Reminding employees to treat each other with respect, and refusing to tolerate aggressive behavior, can also play a significant part in preventing Workplace Violence.

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Workplace Violence
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