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About Workplace Stress

When talking about major workplace safety and health problems, Stress is not necessarily something that most people think of. Yet studies show that a significant number of workplace accidents and injuries result from employees who are dealing with stressful situations.

These "Stress-related" accidents account for thousands of hours of lost time and millions of dollars in Worker's Compensation and medical costs.

Employees can feel "Stressed" on the job for a number of reasons.

They may be pressured to complete a job under a difficult deadline. They may be having problems relating to a supervisor or coworker.

They may feel the need to increase their production output. Or, they may be involved in off-the-job situations that are creating Stress that they bring with them into the workplace.

In any of these cases, the Stress an employee feels can adversely effect their job performance, lowering productivity and increasing the likelihood of accident and injury.

Employees need to know how to recognize Stress-causing situations, as well as how to deal with the Stress that can result. In this way, they can learn to reduce the Stress in their lives and will be better able to perform their jobs.

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Workplace Stress
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