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The Importance of Respiratory Protection

Today we are going to talk about Respiratory Protection and Safety. Unless we have had a respiratory problem in the past, we take healthy lungs and the ability to breath easily for granted.

In fact, we usually don't even think about it at all. But statistics show that a significant number of us will have some type of respiratory problem during our lives.

One of the problems with respiratory hazards is that many times they are created by very common activities.

And, because of their nature, it is often difficult to 'see' the fumes or gases that are frequently the source of these hazards.

Once we have a respiratory problem it affects every aspect of our lives.

It can make our job more difficult and diminish our group's ability to get their work done, causing problems for the company's operations.

But even more important, respiratory problems do not stay here at work when you leave. They can force you to give up many of your recreational activities, make working around the house difficult and even make it hard to sleep.

The course you are going to watch today will give you some good information on Respiratory Protection and Safety.

It can help you prevent respiratory problems... for yourself and others that you work with.

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Respiratory Protection
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