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Safety Training Program Highlights

Hazwoper » Heat Stress (HAZWOPER)
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The Importance of Heat Stress

Today we are going to talk about how we can work as safely as possible in an environment that can bring us into contact with hazardous materials.

We have a pretty good safety program here.

However, as we all know, from time to time accidents can still occur. Drums or other containers can be damaged and begin to leak, or we may even experience a chemical spill.

Some of us may belong to our in-house Emergency Response Team. All of these situations have the potential to cause us to be exposed to hazardous substances.

As you probably know, the government has created a set of regulations to make sure that whenever these types of situations take place employees are protected as much as possible from hazardous exposures.

We realize that the first step in protecting ourselves is to be able to recognize where potential exposure can occur.

We have tried whenever possible to limit these exposures through Engineering Controls and Safe Work Practices. We also know that it is important to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment in many of our tasks... and that when we use PPE, we must guard against the danger of Heat Stress.

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Heat Stress (HAZWOPER)
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