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Safety Training Program Highlights

Hazwoper » Heat Stress (HAZWOPER)
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Summary - Heat Stress

There are a number of ways you can help to prevent Heat Stress.

Take the time to get properly acclimatized to your personal protective equipment.

Be careful with medications.

-Some drugs have side-effects if you use them when the temperature is high.

Wear lightweight cotton clothing under your chemical-protective suit.

-Cotton stays cool, and also absorbs sweat.

Eat light, not hot or heavy meals before working in a high heat area.

Drink lots of water and electrolyte-replacing liquids during your workday.

Take appropriate breaks, to allow your body to recover after you’ve exerted yourself in a hot environment.

In the world outside of work, “staying cool” means everything from keeping calm to being “in-the-know.” At a HAZMAT site, however, staying cool can mean the difference between driving your car home at the end of the day... and leaving for the hospital in an ambulance.

That’s why avoiding Heat Stress is the “coolest” thing you can do... at work and at home!

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Heat Stress (HAZWOPER)
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