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About Office Ergonomics

Offices are the last place many people think about accidents and injuries occurring. Often employees have the feeling that since they don't work "out on a plant floor" on-the-job health and safety isn't something they need to pay attention to. As a result, many office workers don't consider health and safety issues as they do their jobs... or worse yet, they disregard established practices altogether.

Little do they realize that accidents and injuries in the office account for thousands of hours of lost time, and millions of dollars in workers' compensation and medical costs.

Many of the injuries experienced in office environments are "ergonomic" injuries. The causes of these injuries can often be subtle.

Each job in an office is slightly different, using different materials and tools. And as a result, every task makes a distinct set of demands on the human body.

Ergonomics means taking a look at these demands, examining the work area (as well as the equipment and tools employees use)... and making sure that each employee performs their job in the most effective and safe way possible for their own physical make-up.

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Office Ergonomics
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