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About Ladder Safety

There are a number of times when employees are required to have access to places that are higher than they can normally reach.

A number of different types of equipment can help in these situations. Lift trucks can be used when large amounts of materials or a "work platform" is necessary.

For long-term projects, scaffolding can be erected and used effectively.

However, in most situations ladders are the "tools" of choice.

They are easy to store, move and set up. They can make jobs much less difficult, and make employees more efficient in what they are doing.

However, using ladders can also be dangerous.

Falling is the most common hazard, but other problems can be encountered as well. Dropped tools and materials can cause serious damage.

Using metal ladders in electrical environments can also have serious consequences.

Learning to use ladders properly is the key to ladder safety.

Employees need to know how to properly transport and set up ladders, recognize problem situations and know what to do to avoid or correct them.

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Ladder Safety
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