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The Importance of Laboratory Hoods

Many of the materials we work with give off fumes, mists, vapors, particulates and aerosols that are hazardous.

To minimize exposure to these materials we need to take special precautions. In many cases, this means working within a "Hood".

Hoods can protect us in several ways.

Their sashes provide protection from hazards like chemical splashes and sprays, as well as fires and minor explosions.

A Hood also creates a protective barrier by pulling air into and through the Hood.

This 'inward' airflow helps keep hazardous fumes and vapors from escaping and reaching us. Hoods should be used in much of the work that we do. To use them most effectively we need to be familiar with how they operate and the proper procedures for using them. The Course you are going to take today will give you a good overview of how Laboratory Hoods work and when you should use them.

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Laboratory Hoods
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