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About Laboratory Hoods

Many of the materials used in laboratories give off fumes, mists, vapors, particulates and aerosols that are hazardous.

To minimize exposure to these materials we need to take special precautions. In many laboratories this often means working within a "Hood".

Hoods protect employees in several ways.

Their sashes can provide a barrier between the employee and the materials that they are working with... guarding against splashes, explosions and the like.

By pulling air into and through the Hood, fumes, vapors and other hazards are kept from escaping and reaching workers.

However, laboratory employees are often not as knowledgeable as they should be about how to properly use Hoods in their work... or how to test them to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Employees need this knowledge in order to work as safely as possible with the materials that they use.

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Laboratory Hoods
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