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Safety Training Program Highlights

Laboratory safety » Laboratory Ergonomics
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About Laboratory Ergonomics

Laboratory employees perform hundreds of different tasks as they go about their jobs. Often, this work is performed at different work- stations, using different instruments and materials... and employing different movements.

As a result, each task makes a distinct set of demands on an employee's body. If they aren't careful, some of these demands can lead to unhealthy strain or stress.

In order to work safely and maintain good ergonomic health, employees need to know how to avoid movements and work patterns that can be harmful.

To do this, they need to be able to set up their work areas correctly, positioning the things they use furniture, equipment, tools, supplies and instruments) so that they can interact with them safely and without strain.

They should also know the correct techniques for lifting and other movements they make every day.

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Laboratory Ergonomics
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