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About Industrial Ergonomics

Many employees don't think of the various aches, pains, stiffness or other assorted physical "twinges" that they feel as being "safety or health" related problems.

At least not until these problems become so severe that they impact job performance or personal life.

Little do employees realize that many of these problems occur because they are asking their bodies to make movements that are "unnatural", and put significant stress and strain on muscles, bones and other parts of the body.

Furthermore, most employees don't understand that these types of "ergonomic" injuries are most often cumulative... and that their activities both on the job and at home can contribute to ergonomic problems.

The causes of ergonomic injuries can often be subtle.

Each job is slightly different, using different materials and tools. And for these reasons, every job makes a distinct set of demands on the human body.

Ergonomics means taking a look at these demands, examining the work area (as well as the equipment and tools employees use)... and making sure that each employee performs their job the most effective and safe way possible for their own physical make-up.

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Industrial Ergonomics
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