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About Heat Stress

When many employees hear about "Heat Stress" they think that it must be a problem that only affects people with outdoor jobs (which keep them out in the sun all day long).

If the employee's job doesn't take them into these conditions, they feel that heat-related illnesses are not something they have to worry about.

Working outdoors in hot and humid weather can certainly lead to Heat Stress and other heat-related illnesses.

But the majority of heat-related illnesses are not caused by weather related conditions. Many types of equipment give off extremely high levels of heat, creating environments where Heat Stress can easily occur.

The materials that employees work with often have to be heated to high temperatures, again creating conditions that can cause heat-related illnesses.

Foundries, heat-treating plants, and rubber molding operations are just a few examples of the many environments where heat can be a problem.

Other situations where heat is not a part of the "work process" can catch employees even more by surprise.

Working in warehouses where air circulation is not good, or working inside confined spaces such as when loading trucks or cleaning tanks, are just several examples of situations where heat can be a problem.

Even work areas that are normally comfortable can have a heat problem if air conditioning or ventilation systems malfunction.

In order to protect themselves from Heat Stress and other heat-related illnesses employees need to know about the types of situations that can cause these conditions, how to avoid them and what can be done to protect themselves from the heat that they may encounter.

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Heat Stress (Safety Meeting Kit)
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