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Safety Training Program Highlights

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About Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety

In many of today's facilities Forklifts and other Powered Industrial Trucks are a necessity.

Their ability to quickly move heavy loads from place to place, store and retrieve materials from different heights, and load and unload trucks and other vehicles make them indispensable.

Most employees recognize what Industrial Trucks do for us and the fact that they are rugged, powerful tools.

However, what many employees don't remember is that the same hardworking qualities that make Industrial Trucks so helpful... power and strength... can also make them dangerous.

As employees become familiar with the Industrial Trucks they use, many times they seem to "ignore" proper operating procedures and maintenance requirements.

They "forget" that when Industrial Trucks are used incorrectly, or when repairs aren't kept up, accidents will occur.

Because Industrial Trucks are such powerful and heavy pieces of equipment, when one is involved in an accident, it is usually serious.

Industrial Trucks can inflict a great deal of damage and cause major injuries.

In order to operate Forklifts and other Industrial Trucks safely, and protect themselves from accidents, new employees need to know how to check out, operate and maintain these Trucks... and experienced employees need to be reminded of the importance of these procedures.

Only then can they be comfortable, effective and safe when operating their Industrial Trucks.

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Forklift & Industrial Truck Safety
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