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Course Objectives

To help employees understand how to weld safely, this Course is designed to present fundamental information on safe welding practices.

Upon completion of the Course, employees should:
  • Understand why obtaining "authorization" before beginning welding operations is vital, and why welding is prohibited in certain areas of a facility.
  • Know how to guard against sparks starting fires.
  • Recognize how welding fumes can contaminate the workplace, and how to avoid exposure to this hazard.
  • Know what substances can be especially hazardous when being welded, and how mechanical ventilation devices can help control toxic fumes.
  • Understand how using glasses, goggles and/or welding helmets can protect against the intense light emitted during welding.
  • Understand how personal protective equipment can prevent injuries during welding operations.
  • Recognize the specific electrical hazards associated with Arc Welding.

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Welding Safety
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