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About Confined Space Entry

For years OSHA has been concerned about the number of fatalities and injuries experienced by workers going into "Confined Spaces".

Because of their very nature, Confined Spaces pose unique problems, such as the potential for "engulfment" by materials in and around the space, toxic or restricted air supply and "entrapment" hazards.

The likelihood of an accident occurring while working in a Confined Space is also frequently increased just by working in cramped quarters, often closer to potential hazards than would normally be the case.

Because of this concern, on January 14, 1993 OSHA published a new set of regulations on "Permit-required Confined Spaces".

OSHA's definition of "Confined Space" is very broad. It includes tanks, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, pits, tunnels, etc... even large autoclaves in hospitals.

As a result, the regulation applies to almost 300,000 facilities with over 12 million employees.

One of the major compliance requirements in the regulation is for employee training.

OSHA puts significant emphasis on this particular requirement. They are convinced that many of the problems employees have experienced in Confined Spaces in the past have been due to a lack of knowledge about the proper procedures for working in and around these spaces.

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Confined Space Entry
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