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About Conducting Safety Audits

A single workplace accident can be devastating. Workers can be injured... even killed.

Property, equipment or materials can be damaged or destroyed. Work can come to a complete standstill.

All of these things can happen if employees don't try to protect themselves and their coworkers from potential hazards.

One way to help make the workplace safer is to conduct a Safety Audit.

A Safety Audit is an examination of a work area to make sure it is as safe as possible.

Facilities of all types and sizes use Safety Audits to evaluate their efforts to maintain a safe workplace, and to help make sure they are in compliance with OSHA Standards as well as company policies.

But for a Safety Audit to be successful, everyone's cooperation is needed.

While an outsider can provide valuable new ideas and a fresh perspective, a facility's employees are the people who are best qualified to pinpoint safety problems in their work areas.

They know the tools and equipment that are used, and can offer specific suggestions on how to correct any safety problems.

A Safety Audit shows just how safe work areas really are. Employees need to take responsibility for their own safety, and help themselves and their coworkers by getting involved in the Safety Audit process.

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Conducting Safety Audits
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