Safety Meeting Kits

Safety Meeting Kits provide everything necessary to promote and conduct effective safety meetings.

Each Safety Meeting Kit addresses a single safety or health topic, such as “Back Safety” or “Forklift Safety” and each kit includes a video (DVD or VHS) training program, 5 posters and 30 employee booklets.

Safety Meeting Kits address a frequent complaint of safety trainers:

In order to put together a good safety program on a single topic, most of the time you have to buy a video/DVD from one source, employee booklets from a second source and posters, if they exist, from a third source.

Because these products haven’t been designed to work together, I’m worried about possible contradictions… and finding all of these materials takes more time than I have available.

By solving these problems, Safety Meeting Kits make it easy to promote safety.

Begin by placing the enclosed posters throughout your facility. Then, in class, show the training video/DVD and distribute the accompanying employee booklets. All of these are specifically created to work together, underscoring the safety theme.

And, because each of these products are combined into a single package, a Safety Meeting Kit is an efficient and easy purchase.

Each Safety Meeting Kit contains:

  • A video/DVD training program that:
    • Comes with comprehensive leader’s guide, scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log.
    • Takes a step-by-step look at the topics it addresses.
    • Reviews frequently encountered problem areas.
    • Discusses measures that can be taken to prevent these problems.
    • Covers safety practices.
    • Examines what should be done if problems occur.

  • Employee booklets that:
    • Correspond to points covered in the video/DVD training program.
    • Use both text and illustrations.
    • Examine frequently encountered problem areas.
    • Review what should be done if problems occur.
    • Contain aself-administering quiz.

  • Posters that:
    • Promote the theme established in the video/DVD and booklets.
    • Contain the same style of illustrations used in the booklets.

Each of these components may also be purchased separately. Safety Meeting Kits are available in English and Spanish.

Safety Meeting Kits