Hazwoper Training Programs

HAZWOPER Comphrensive Training Program
The “All 23 Hazwoper Series Program” is a comprehensive set 23 training programs that can be used for any of the HAZWOPER training requirements listed below.

Each of the 23 HAZWOPER training programs may be purchased separately. All HAZWOPER training programs are available in English & Spanish.

HAZWOPER Complete 40 hour Training
A 20-program series providing the comprehensive information needed by employees who are exposed to hazardous substances as a routine part of their jobs, the people who supervise and manage them, as well as HAZMAT “Incident Commanders”.

HAZWOPER 24 hour General Training
This 12-program series provides the basis for the 24-hour training required by OSHA for HAZMAT employees who are not likely to be exposed to hazards in excess of permissible exposure limits.

HAZWOPER 16 hour Supplemental Training
These eight programs provide the basis for the 16 hours of additional training needed by workers who must wear respirators in their jobs, or who have already had general 24-hour training and are moving to jobs requiring complete 40-hour training.

HAZWOPER 8 hour Annual Retraining
A series of four “refresher” programs designed to provide the core content for OSHAs “annual retraining” requirement.

Emergency Response: Awareness
Information that every HAZMAT worker should know is thoroughly covered by the two program “Awareness” series.

Emergency Response: Operations
The four program “Operations” package is aimed at workers who contain HAZMAT releases.

Emergency Response: Hazmat Technician
During any hazardous materials emergency, HAZMAT Technicians supply the information necessary to get the situation under control. This 11-program series provides the basis for the special training their jobs require.