Rise in Fatalities among Farm & Hispanic Workers

Reported in the 2005 workplace census by the BLS. Although overall workplace fatalities was lower by a percent point in the U.S. in 2005 compared 2004, there was a rise in fatalities among agricultural and Hispanic workers.

  • Fatalities among agricultural workers were up 23 percent from 145 in 2004 to 178 in 2005.
  • Fatal work injuries among Hispanic workers increased by 2 percent in 2005 to a new series high, though the fatality rate for Hispanic workers was lower.

For a summary, see Workplace Fatalities data for 2005. Full Report National Census Of Fatal Occupational Injuries In 2005

Although many factors are responsible for this on-going tragedy, language barriers and limited literacy is a significant contributor. Limited availability of training in Spanish may also be a factor (see Hispanic workers more likely to be injured on the job).

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