Product Update – Hand & Power Tools Safety

Hand and power tools help us do our jobs with efficiency and ease. They are common and used routinely in businesses, worksites and in our homes. Where would we be without our hand and power tools?

However, used incorrectly they can cause injuries and damage. Because they are common and easy to use, we often fail to recognize the dangers these tools represent. In many cases, we may even fail to recognize the injuries the tools can cause.

How often have you had a buzz in your ear after using the ordinary power drill? How about the “ouch” from the hot glue gun or the soldering iron; or the famous, or shall we say infamous, “finger and hammer”?

Sure the occasional “buzz in the ear” may not have any long term impact, but without adequate protection even the continued use of the simple power drill, such as you may at your work, can lead to hearing loss and even deafness.

program have been updated to include all the latest information on operating these tools and how to avoid the dangers associated with using them.

Hand and power tool safety does not begin at the job, it begins before the job. Use the training program to protect workers and make your workplace safer.

The program includes information on

  • choosing tools that fi workers and their jobs,
  • protecting workers from tool related hazards,
  • tool care and maintenance,
  • personal protective equipment and more.

The following are available in English & Spanish:
Hand & Power Tool Safety Safety Meeting Kit DVD/VHS
Hand & Power Tool Safety Video Program DVD/VHS
Hand & Power Tool Safety Booklet
Hand & Power Tool Safety Poster

The following is available only in English:
Hand & Power Tool Safety CD-ROM Training Program