OSHA levies $102,000 fine for Roofer’s Electrocution

OSHA has fined a Corapolis roofing company $120,000 for safety violations leading to the death of an employee who was electrocuted when his scaffold came in contact with a power line.

Zeke & Son Roofing and Siding Specialists, faces fines of up to $120,000 following the death (march 10, 2006) of Regis William of Pittsburgh.

“The accident occurred when the worker, who was working on a pump jack scaffold that had been erected within approximately four feet of energized power lines, made contact with the lines that were operating at 4,000 volts,” OSHA investigator Robert Szymanski said.

Earlier during the day, an electrical line fell on the aluminum ladder Zeke employees were using to access the scaffolding. A crew from the Duquesne Light Co. repaired the downed line and ordered Zeke & Son to remove the scaffolding because it was too close to the power line, OSHA said.

The company’s started to dismantle the scaffolding but apparently re-assembled the structure after the Duquesne Light officials left.

Williams was jolted off the scaffolding by the shock of electrocution and fell 30 feet to the ground.

Zeke & Son was cited for willfully violating OSHA’s guidelines and procedures.

The company was also cited for failure to provide for its employees.

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