ME Labor Law Poster – Minimum Wage & Child Labor

Maine’s labor law posters are on edit hold pending incorporation of mandatory changes to it’s employment laws.

Minimum Wage

Service employees may now be required to pool their tips to be divided evenly among service employees only.

Child Labor

Maine Laws Governing the Employment of Minors: Sixteen and seventeen year-old students will be permitted work 6 days a week during school. Prior to the change, students in this age group were restricted to working a maximum of 4 days a week when school was open.

Students in this age group will also be allowed to work an additional 4 hours a week for a total of 24, previously restricted to 20, and as late as 10:15 p.m. on days preceding a school day, previously restricted to 10 p.m. The new law also removes language that allowed minors to work an additional 8 hours on a day of unscheduled school closure such a snow day.

MAINE Labor Law Poster