Computers and Repetitive Stress Injuries

When computers started making inroads into the workplace, we did not foresee that minor physical activities such as tapping on keys and gazing at computer terminals could have major detrimental affects on our health.

But as computer usage in the workplace grows, we face a growing workforce suffering from what is now commonly known as “repetitive stress injuries”

If the early signs of repetitive stress, such as tigtness or soreness in the upper back and shoulders are not treated, injuries such as tendinitis, postural syndrome, carpal tunnel and eye strain can develop. Other disorders may include the inability to tell hot from cold, the inability to hold on to things where you find your self dropping objects, and “foot drop”, where pressure on the sciatic nerves can cause you to drag a foot.

Studies have found that it is not the activity but ill adjusted posture that gives rise to all these undesirable physical ailments. By making surprisingly simple adjustments to our work habits we can save ourselves from a lifetime of aching and soreness.

Here is an excellent article on repetitive stress disorder.

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