Company Found 50% At Fault For Ladder Fall Tragedy

Indiana: a record court settlement of $48 million awarded late Thursday.

Although larger settlements have come in other types of cases, “for somebody that’s been paralyzed from the waist down, it’s a record,” said Kenneth J. Allen, who represented Arciniega and his wife, Sarah. “I think the jury recognized the enormity of the loss to their family.”

In a report by Sting Sun Times News Group a company was found 50% at fault for a hired contractors ladder fall.

The ladder Arciniega fell from was covered with refractory concrete due to the negligence of subcontractor Minteq International. The jury allocated 50 percent of the fault to them and the other half to the mill, ISG Burns Harbor — now ArcelorMittal.

Falling from ladders is a common hazard, other problems may be encountered: dropped tools, materials and metal ladders in electrical environments.

It is important to offer Ladder Safety training. Supervisors and employees need to know how to properly transport and set up ladders, recognize problem situations and know what to do to avoid or correct them.